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The promise of summer


I wake up to the sound of roosters at the break of dawn. It is my favourite sound of the day. Everybody hears them, but nobody knows where they live.

Lying on the mattress floor, I await the roaring hiss of trams outside my front window. I love their rickety groove in the mornings. How they rattle, twist and graft their way through the dust. There is poetry in the decay, especially in the hot slum underneath the castle.

Dancing past tuk-tuk drivers with my rucksack, I arrive at Portas do Sol and witness a particularly tender shade of blue. You never quite tire of seeing it. The cocktail beauty stirring with Atlantic-bound voyages and migrating swallows. If you arrive in the right place in life, the promise of summer is a joy to behold.



Lust for life


Listening to the rattling grooves of the trams outside, I occupy a shared space with a graffiti artist, DJ and television producer. Three amigos with curly black hair. Spinning tunes and spilled wine until their hearts run out of beats.

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