Touch the Sky

As modern as tomorrow, there’s something tangible sitting in this office seat, surrounded by silver laptops and shabby tubes of muesli. If you want to visualise the decade, then you’ll find yourself here, staring at two screens, listening to a bewildering range of accents and a slimline French girl with disconcertingly wide eyes.

Ambitions and eulogies soar in the glass room opposite me. It takes a huge gregarious character to entertain so many people for ten hours solid without a break. And that’s before you factor in the What’s App messages, emails and midnight phone calls to Shanghai, Chile and New York.

What I find more interesting than status is why people try to achieve what they do. Why do people keep working fourteen hours a day when you already have everything you possibly need. Money is the point, but its not what motivates them. 

They want something bigger than money. This goes beyond the champagne, lobster cliches and four-day weekends in Monte Carlo. They play for glory and glory alone and it’s an exhilarating experience working in London at times. Especially when I remember where I come from, and the shy insignificance I feel watching the globe elite converge in front of my very eyes.

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