Angel’s Delights

Situated inside a gritty 70’s warehouse that has been kindly acquired by Noble House Properties, Angel’s Delights is not going to be around for long. Serving Jamaican dishes inside a toilet-sized cafe, no one should expect to pay for their jerk chicken on a chip and pin device.

East London’s changing population rises to the surface on the towpath – angry cyclists, female joggers, junkies, estate teenagers with fishing rods and ugly blonde twins carrying bags of cider from Tesco. Many of them stop by at Angel’s to purchase a Jamaican takeaway. Time is not on their side.

Bulldozers are due to arrive in August and they will soon be constructing ‘beautifully designed 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with the finest contemporary specification’.

A stone’s throw away from the East London line, the white arc of progress has only further gentrified a once shady and violent area. With economic progress comes bourgeois cafes and homogeneous flats that have no relationship with the twentieth century.

Traditionally the canal has possessed a feral quality, especially if you wander the towpath after dark. It’s home to wonderful variety of local wildlife, especially in the springtime, where regal swans vie for attention alongside Canada geese, grebes and water rats.

And during the breeding season, coots defend their territories by screaming, flapping their wings and pecking at intruders. Coots may well soon be only thing wild and adventurous left on the canal as luxury properties rise from the ruins of the industrial past and wipe Angel’s Delights off the map.

Angel’s Delights
Dunston Road,
E8 4EA


4 thoughts on “Angel’s Delights

  1. Angels Delights may move away…..but she can create a similar space some where else that people will love. She has amazing food and a wicked personality…Love Angel Delights xxx

    1. Oh I will be very sad when it gets knocked down. Her cafe sparkles with personality and lights up the canal – it’s a flower in a dustbin. If you ever know where she goes, then let me know me and I will write about it – Angel’s cafe is an amazing story 🙂

    1. I walked past last week and everything appeared shut. The building is due to be demolished soon and more luxury flats will be built. The ‘Wharfs’ are taking over! The canal from New North Road to London Fields has changed dramatically over the last 6 months. Gentrification is in full swing. Hopefully she can find a wee hovel nearby.

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